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Halloween Party IdeasIf you want to throw a successful Halloween party you have to consider many things. What kinds of food will you serve? Do you want a full menu or just a bunch of snacks? What are you going to serve to drink? How do you keep everyone busy and keep the flow going? Well, here's a few things that I've done over the past parties that seem to work pretty well. I found a site that has a ton of Halloween recipes that I've tried. They even have step by step pictures for most of them!

I'll divide "Food" into categories. You have to decide on how far you want to go with food, do you want a full meal or just snacks for everyone to munch on? What will you have to drink? Since I do have friends that are over 21, they usually have to understand that no alcohol will be allowed at the party since it's a mix of ages. In a  couple years that won't be a problem for me anymore.

Serving a bunch of different things can be a good way to keep the treats being served all night. First, I'll set out bowls of caramel popcorn, bowls of sweet & sour pumpkin seeds, and a few bowls of mixed Halloween candy like candy corn, Autumn mix and mini candy bars. An hour or so later, I'll bring out the real food like caramel apples, cookies, salsa and Halloween tortilla chips (orange and black from the store). The grand finale' after the fun and games are over is the Halloween cake!

If I want a more sit down kind of meal, I'll cook up a buffet so people can serve themselves and sit where they want to. We'll make a couple Jack-O-Lantern pizzas, you use a giant pumpkin cookie sheet but make a pizza in it, use veggies to make the face, it's pretty cool and always a hit! This website, The Pumpkin Patch, has a bunch of pumpkin based main dishes as well as recipes for other stuff, all using pumpkin. The Veggie and Rice Stuffed Pumpkin is a great thing to serve if you have a lot of Vegan friends.

Halloween Party TipsYou have to make sure and keep the drinks flowing so I always set up a couple punch bowls and keep them filled. I found a very cool base that you can make yourself to set a clear punch bowl in the Halloween Recipes section of Halloween-Online.com. Look under
Punch Bowl Special FX. You'll find a bunch of punch recipes there, too. I liked the tip about making ice hands out of plastic food servers gloves using the same punch. You freeze them and as they melt they don't water down the punch and they keep it ice cold! Of course, keep a supply of peoples favorite soft drinks, too and maybe some energy drinks.

Having A Theme Party
You should also decide whether you want to have a theme for your party or just let people come as they are, costumes required of course! I've done a Vampire theme one year where everyone had to come dressed as vampires. It's cool that everyone has a different favorite vampire like LeStat or the ones Tru Blood or Twilight so it's great to see all the different vampires that show up. I set around a few fishbowls full of plastic vampire teeth and tubes of fake blood so everyone could get in character. All the punch was red, the decorations were all black, red and Gothy. My dad made a toe pincher coffin for me to use as a prop and everyone took turns laying in it to scare the new arrivals. I found some great ideas for planning a Halloween Theme Party and it really made it easier to have all that info in one place!

Setting the Mood
Even if you have a plain old Halloween party, you still want to decorate and set the mood for the night or it will flop. I learned this the hard way when I had my very first Halloween party. I wanted to do it all myself and you really do need help so now my best friends lend a hand all year long to get it ready. You need to really go all out decorating, use lighting and fog machines, setting a sound system up so you can play Halloween party music or some kind of ambient noise in the background. You need to send out invitations and have people RSVP. If you have a theme party, let them know in the invite what they should be looking for in a costume. I like to look at this site about Yard Haunts because a lot of the ideas can be used for a backyard party, too.

Halloween Tips and Help from the Halloween Girl

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